Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme

A UN-HABITAT programme in cooperation with the European Commission and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Secretariat. Read more

PSUP principles

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PSUP is based on 8 principles.  All relevant stakeholders and partners agree to these principles prior to programme establishment. 


1) PSUP partners, acknowledging that urbanization is unstoppable, will strive to harness the positive forces of sustainable urbanization through the implementation of inclusive and rights-based urban policies.


2) PSUP partners will adopt a city-wide, participatory approach to slum upgrading aligned with city development plans, actively engaging relevant stakeholders in the process of implementing PSUP phases aimed at one or more of the 5 slum deprivations: lack of safe water, access to sanitation, durability of housing, overcrowding, and security of tenure.


3) PSUP partners will ensure no unlawful, forced evictions of slum dwellers will occur in PSUP target neighbourhoods.


4) PSUP partners will devise tangible and direct strategies to empower disadvantaged communities living in slums by allocating 10% of PSUP funding to community-led development interventions.


5) PSUP partners will strive to implement the PSUP based on the good urban governance principles of transparency, accountability, participation and decentralization, aligned with national priorities and the Paris Declaration of Aid Effectiveness.


6) PSUP partners will strive to mobilize local, national and international resources sufficient for slum upgrading activities, acknowledging that devising strategies for improving domestic resource mobilization is the key to scaling up slum upgrading in the medium and long term.


7) PSUP partners in national and local governments will demonstrate their commitment towards the programme and slum upgrading in general through national budget allocations and co-financing of PSUP pilot projects.


8) PSUP partners will pursue participatory slum upgrading strategies by mainstreaming of the PSUP human-rights approach, consisting of: the slum dwellers’ right to the city with access to basic urban services, adequate housing and participation in decision-making processes; gender equality, targeting diverse community groups and particularly women and youth; and results-based management for design, implementation and monitoring of national goals identified for the PSUP in all phases.


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