Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme

A UN-HABITAT programme in cooperation with the European Commission and the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Secretariat. Read more

Republic of Congo Phase 2

The Municipality of Pointe-Noire, with its Mayor and elected local leaders, believe that this city will be one of the best cities in Congo and why not in Africa? Their hope is based on the Participatory Slum Upgrading Program initiated by UN-HABITAT. They are convinced that this programme will enable UN-HABITAT to try to resolve all problems related to poverty in the city of Pointe-Noire.


For Congo, the City of Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Ouesso have been selected together and will serve as the scope for this program. For its development, the City of Pointe-Noire is facing a lot of problems. Indeed, the increase of the registered population is inevitably leading to an evolution of increasingly rapid missions of the Municipality which is linked to strong and urgent demands of citizens who are waiting for better life and sustainable urban services in terms of quality and locations.


Concerning urban socio-economic problems which are found in our cities, especially poverty, poor sanitation, inadequate or lack of basic social services, the Urban Profile is an essential approach to contribute to the development of policies to reduce them significantly.


The programs to be implemented should assist in capacity building, access to decent housing and basic social services and promotion of youth and women activities. Everything must be done in an environmentally-sensitive way because Pointe-Noire is a harbor and oil city.


Current status

Phase 1: Urban profiling – completed

Phase 2: Action planning and programme document formulation – starting

Phase 3: Project implementation – forthcoming